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About Us

HR Advisors is a recruitment company that provides a comprehensive service that identifies the role requirements in the organization and designs the job description and skill requirements for that role.

HR Advisors provides a broad menu of Human Resource Outsourcing Services for companies. From an economical complete service.

Eddie is exceptional at what he does and makes sure you get what you are looking for. He does his best to ensure you get the best you deserve and hassle free.

Chia E. Tungom (Chemago)

Algorithm Engineer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eddie during a job recruitment project. He impressed me as a highly professional, hard-working, efficient, and overall kind person. I hope every job seeker had the opportunity to work with him – he provides such great support and timely liaison between the employer and the employee!

Danqing Li

International Journalism & English Student

Had a chance to briefly work with Eddie and he showed a high degree of professionalism. I would describe Eddie with three main skills amongst many: Effective, Talented and has an amazing ability to read and analyze human behavior.

Hamza Ouarit

General Manager (Branding / Lead Generation / Reputation Management / eCommerce) - Shanghai

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