Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition 

Finding the right employees, is never an easy task. The market is often flooded with people looking for employment, but do they have what your company need? We assist with every aspect of the recruitment drive, including shortlist pre-selections and interviewing, to find the right placement for the advertised position.

On-site recruitment 

Overhead costs associated with performing HR services are typically very high. A fully-functional HR department requires additional office space and dedicated HR staff. HR is a completely separate field and differs from the normal day to day management of a team. A normal Team manager / office Manager, would not have the time and know-how to deal with HR related matters.

Furthermore, HR outsourcing costs are variable and can be reduced when business needs warrant. For small businesses, the HR departments aren’t always busy, so the productivity rate/ employee utilization rate, would fluctuate while cost remain the same if you had your own in-house HR team. It is therefore not always feasible for small businesses / startups, to have an in-house HR department, and it makes much more sense to outsource these services to us.

Recruitment drives often requires on-site input/ management, and we offer a solution to support our clients with on-site HR services as and when needed.