Eddie B

Eddie is a highly motivated, efficient and well balanced, individual. He has more than 13 years of work experience in China, much of that is in management and human resources. He has a good understanding of Chinese Corporate/Management Culture and has been able to successfully act as a bridge between the Foreign Staff and Chinese Management in various capacities, during his time working in China.

Eddie’s Skills

His experience in the Human Resource and Foreign Employee Management field consists of three major functions; Employee Management, Human Resources, and Training. As a manager, he was tasked with managing and overseeing foreign staff and tend to all their-, as well as the company’s, needs. His experience in the human resource department related to recruitment and hiring and everything related to that, administration and visa applications, employee orientation, solving labor disputes, disciplinary action, etc. He has also conducted various Training Department and to help create the Company’s National Training syllabus and materials, for both companies.

Talent Acquisition 93%
Compensation Consulting 70%
Corporate Ethics Program 86%