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Welcome to Personal Connect


We are a full-service Human Resource Management Solutions provider.


We’re more than just recruitment, we break down the barriers of language, culture and geography for our clients and candidates.


Personal Connect is a truly specialist recruitment agency located in Shenzhen, China. Finding the right employees, is never an easy task. The market is often flooded with people looking for employment, but do they have what your company need? We assist with every aspect of the recruitment drive, including shortlist pre-selections and interviewing, to find the right placement for the advertised position.


We are an established recruitment business offering very experienced staff and have a deep Greater China exposure that few of our competitors can match. Our consultants are true specialists within their fields, with in-depth knowledge and years of recruitment experience in their specialized markets.


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We specialize in Cross Cultural Human Resource Management Solutions to bridge the gap and help minimize conflict between Chinese and Expat employees and management.

Our services include Recruitment, On-boarding, Training and Cross Culture Management.

Talent Acquisition 90%
On-boarding 85%
Development & training 60%
Compliance management 65%

Helping You Achieve Your Staffing Goals

Our growing team of recruiters and advisors are eager to assist you to achieve your goals. Whether you are a company wanting to employ new foreign staff, or you are a foreign employee who is looking for a new position, we can help.

Eddie B
Eddie B
CEO / Chief Talent Acquisitions Specialist
Jade Zheng
Jade Zheng
Senior Recruitment Specialist
Lindsay Zou
Lindsay Zou
Business Operation Manager