Corporate Services

Corporate Services


Providing Cross Cultural Human Resource Management Solutions to help bridge the gap between Chinese and Expat employees and management.

Additionally, we provide business management services to foreign companies and clients.

Being a foreign-owned enterprise, we understand the frustration of doing business in China. Our goal is to simplify these things for our clients and to provide them with a high level of bilingual assistance.

Our services include Talent Acquisition (Recruitment and Headhunting), Company Registration and Accounting, Visa Application Services, Offshore Bank Accounts, etc.

Corporate Services


Finding the right employees is never easy. The market is often flooded with people looking for employment, but do they have what your company need? We assist with every aspect of the recruitment drive, including pre-selections and interviews, in order to find the right candidate.

Education Related Positions 90%
Project Management Posi 95%
Engineering Positions 60%
Sales & Marketing Positions 65%
Copy Writing Position 85%
Positions Abroad 30%

It's more than just recruitment,
we break down the barriers of language, culture and geography for our clients and candidates.

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Corporate Services

Business & Personal Services Aimed At Foreign Funded Companies And Individuals

We Provide assistance to companies and individuals with work permit applications and subsequent Temporary Residence permits.

Companies must hold the appropriate licenses and permissions to issue visas to foreign workers. Applicants must meet the requirements for their work visa.

Other Government fees, translation fees, health check fees, visa “window” fees, etc. are not included in the Service Fee.

We Assist foreigners in setting up a Foreign Funded Enterprise (FFE) and provide a range of other related services. Our services include registration for taxes and social insurance, applications for industry licenses and certificates, applications for Chinese and offshore bank accounts, and accounting services

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